Bella Lash Double Tile Blank

Regular price $64.35

The Bella Lash Double Tile allows you to easily handle the eyelash strips and glue during the application process. It organizes multiple sizes of eyelashes onto one tray. The curved surface forces the ends of each eyelash to spread further apart, making it easier and faster for application.


  • Curved surface for easy lash removal
  • Jade stone holder to keep adhesive safely secure
  • Holds multiple rows of eyelash extensions
  • Sleek, innovative look
  • Strategically organized to show eyelash length & size
  • Patented Design. 


  1. Do I need to replace my tile after each use? No, we have replacement trays of lash extensions you can purchase to refill your tile.
  2. What thickness does the tile have? The tile comes with two rows, one of 0.15 and the other of 0.20.
  3. Can I use other brands of lashes on my tile? Yes, you can use other brands on the tile. However, our Bella Lash strips are designed to stick the best to the curved surface of the tile.